Whether you have a new home that needs to be filled with furniture and decor, a space in your home that’s overdue for some loving updates, or you’re in need of a whole-room or whole-home remodel, the team at Danielle Hames Design has you covered!

Why Danielle Hames Design?

As an interior designer in Houston, Danielle has been providing high-quality residential and remodeling services since 2012. She and her team of wholesale vendors, skilled installers, and professional movers have completed hundreds of projects, big and small, for an impressive array of clients.

When you call a “big design firm,” you don’t know who they’ll assign your project to. When you call Danielle Hames Design, you will be working directly with Danielle herself to create a stunning space you can be proud of!

The Experience Needed To Deliver

Danielle has worked as the designer of record for a Top 100 national home builder, been featured in Apartment Therapy and Bustle, created stunning residential designs for private clients, managed full-scale home remodeling and renovation projects, and been in charge of countless model home and home staging projects for builders, real estate agents, and private homeowners.

Why Danielle Hames Design?

01. Design Expertise

Exceptional ability to visualize how different elements will combine to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space

02. Technical Knowledge

Comprehensive knowledge about materials, finishes, and furnishings for various applications

03. Attention to Detail

Meticulous attention paid to every aspect of your project, including color, texture, scale, balance, and proportion

04. Project Management

Effective communication with clients, vendors, and contractors to ensure smooth execution of your project- on time and on budget

05. Extensive Network

Custom drapery providers, wholesale furniture vendors, builder supply companies, and speciality subcontractors

Create the space you've always dreamed of with Danielle Hames Design.

Below are just a few looks at some of the residential design work we’ve delivered over the years.

Create the space you've always dreamed of with Danielle Hames Design.